You got your Caltrain in my Super BART!

The BART strike is over for now and, Super BART 2.0 releases today with Caltrain schedules, maps, and trip notifications in tow.

It’s the same Super BART you know and love. Aside from some visual restructuring, the BART experience stays exactly the same. If you have used Super BART before, 2.0 will feel very familiar to you.


Caltrain schedules are beautiful, fast, and all offline (realtime coming soon). If you’re going to Millbrae on BART or Caltrain, buttons are shown on each trip that will switch you to the other agency tab with the correct time and station info. This means you can seamlessly transfer between Caltrain & BART and get where you’re going with one click. You can also see Caltrain station and system maps, as well as saving and setting trip notifications so you’re never late for the train.


Some of you may have noticed some downtime in the past few weeks. No worries, as Super BART has moved over to new servers and should be much more stable from 2.0 onward.

Super BART 2.0 is available for free on Google Play.

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