Realtime Departures in Super BART 1.3

Super BART 1.3 will be going live later today, bringing Realtime BART departure data in tow.

These estimated times of departure come directly from the official BART API, so you can be sure the data is accurate as possible. Anytime you change stations or refresh the schedule, fresh departure times will be shown for your origin station.


One other notable change is the inclusion of the BetterPickers time picker. I think everyone will agree, it is an improvement in every way over the native Android time picker.


What does Super BART need now...

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  1. Is there a way to do a reoccuring schedule, since my work schedules pretty much the same.

    Basically you could make it like many of the android alarms that come with the phones, where you can choose which days to have reoccuring schedule set.

    Also, the ability to save locations, such as “work” and “home” stations.

    Just some thoughts, maybe you can do this already but I don’t see a way how.

    Thanks for the work so far.

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