You got your Caltrain in my Super BART!

The BART strike is over for now and, Super BART 2.0 releases today with Caltrain schedules, maps, and trip notifications in tow.

It’s the same Super BART you know and love. Aside from some visual restructuring, the BART experience stays exactly the same. If you have used Super BART before, 2.0 will feel very familiar to you.


Caltrain schedules are beautiful, fast, and all offline (realtime coming soon). If you’re going to Millbrae on BART or Caltrain, buttons are shown on each trip that will switch you to the other agency tab with the correct time and station info. This means you can seamlessly transfer between Caltrain & BART and get where you’re going with one click. You can also see Caltrain station and system maps, as well as saving and setting trip notifications so you’re never late for the train.


Some of you may have noticed some downtime in the past few weeks. No worries, as Super BART has moved over to new servers and should be much more stable from 2.0 onward.

Super BART 2.0 is available for free on Google Play.

Realtime Departures in Super BART 1.3

Super BART 1.3 will be going live later today, bringing Realtime BART departure data in tow.

These estimated times of departure come directly from the official BART API, so you can be sure the data is accurate as possible. Anytime you change stations or refresh the schedule, fresh departure times will be shown for your origin station.


One other notable change is the inclusion of the BetterPickers time picker. I think everyone will agree, it is an improvement in every way over the native Android time picker.


What does Super BART need now...

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Swipe-to-Dismiss Google Now Style

TL;DR The Code

Super BART 1.2, adds My Trips which lets you save trips for later reference. I wanted users to be able to manage their trips by swiping cards away Google Now style. The schedule view was already using the excellent ListViewAnimations library for the Google Now style slide-in animations. Luckily the library’s Google Now sample code  contained code for dismissing cards as well. I decided to implement this in the new My Trips view.

I quickly ran into two problems. The swipe to dismiss functionality would sometimes behave erratically. Cards would sometimes go flying away with just a tap. It was far too sensitive. The SwipeDismissAdapter included in the library really just adds the SwipeDismissListViewTouchListener to the ListView. I created a copy and changed a few lines in the onTouch method.

<br />
if (Math.abs(deltaX) &gt; mViewWidth / 2) {<br />
    dismiss = true;<br />
    dismissRight = deltaX &gt; 0;<br />
} else if (mMinFlingVelocity &lt;= velocityX &amp;&amp; velocityX &lt;= mMaxFlingVelocity<br />
        &amp;&amp; velocityY &lt; velocityX) {<br />
    dismiss = true;<br />
    dismissRight = mVelocityTracker.getXVelocity() &gt; 0;<br />
}<br />

This code lies within the MotionEvent.ACTION_UP case of onTouch and determines if the ListView item should be dismissed. Here is the modified version.

<br />
if (Math.abs(deltaX) &gt; mViewWidth / 2) {<br />
    dismiss = true;<br />
    dismissRight = deltaX &gt; 0;<br />
} else if (Math.abs(deltaX) &gt; mViewWidth / 4 &amp;&amp; mMinFlingVelocity &lt;= velocityX<br />
        &amp;&amp; velocityX &lt;= mMaxFlingVelocity &amp;&amp; velocityY &lt; velocityX / 2) {<br />
    dismiss = true;<br />
    dismissRight = mVelocityTracker.getXVelocity() &gt; 0;<br />
}<br />

The else if statement has two small but significant changes. First, I require that all swipes must travel at least 1/4 of the screen width to eliminate the tap to dismiss behavior I was initially seeing. Finally, I require that the Y velocity be less than half of the X velocity to eliminate false positives when scrolling the list.Watch All Girls Weekend (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Another problem arose with the section headers in My Trips that organize trips by day.

4 my_trips

The base SwipeDismissListViewTouchListener does not support a mix of views of varying dismiss-ability. I added support for this behavior in It contains an interface called SelectiveSwipeDismissAdapter with one method:

<br />
public boolean canDismissItem(int position);<br />

Now, instead of wrapping your base adapter in another adapter, you can add the touch listener to your list view like so:

<br />
SelectiveSwipeDismissListViewTouchListener dismissTouchListener =<br />
	new SelectiveSwipeDismissListViewTouchListener(mListView, mAdapter, mDismissCallback);<br />
mListView.setOnTouchListener(dismissTouchListener);<br />


Super BART 1.2 is available for free on the Play Store.

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Super BART 1.0 Released!

Like many Android developers, I attended Google I/O 2013 this past weekend. Because I live on the peninsula south of the San Francisco, I resorted to using BART for the 3 days of the conference. Upon trying to find a good schedule app for Android, I realized that all of the BART apps currently on the store were either stuck in the Gingerbread era, or just plain bad.

I decided to fix this problem, and today I am proud to announce that Super BART is available for download on the Google Play Store.

Just select your origin and destination stations.


Select a departure time if you want (defaults to current time).


And that’s all there is to it. You’ll find the train you want and be off in no time. Happy Travels.

Download on Google Play